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With the included complete programming environment professionals can develop arbitrary efficient applications.
Here a small example:

<body bgcolor=ffffff>


<include src=introduction>

<do action=all>

<table width=90% border=1>

<loop sort=- range=0,10 code=perl>
out "<tr><td><b>$Name</b></td><td>$Score</td></tr>";
if($Score>$max) { $max=$Score; $maxName=$Name; }


Overall: $overall<br>
Highest Score: $max by $maxName<br>
Average: <perl>out $overall/10;</perl>


    Black tags are all normal HTML commands.

    Red = New, baseportal-specific tags.

    Blue = Parameters that influence the execution of commands.

    Green = Variables that will be replaced by current data and code that will be executed.

Don't feel discouraged if this looks complicated to you - you can realize quite a number of things with baseportal without programming...

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